What is Scootin America ?

ScootinAmerica is a world record breaking motorcycle trip where Adam Sandoval and his dog Scooter visit every Harley-Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states. Each dealership visit is a meet and greet and a chance to ride along this world record breaking motorcycle trip ScootinAmerica donates all proceeds raised to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Track Us Live

You can track Adam and Scooter with live, real-time GPS updates of their current position. Riders wishing to join them on their journey or wish them well at any of their stops can use this tracking system to do just that.


Our ride is dependent upon donations like yours.

We’ve chosen to invest a year of our lives to help others. Please know that the success of our ride depends on a mix of corporate sponsorship donations and personal donations from people like you.


Man and dog to take record-breaking, 2 year 100,000-mile motorcycle ride for fallen service members.

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A Mixed Martial Arts expert and a Chihuahua riding a Harley is a recipe to turn heads on any given day. But Adam Sandoval and his dog, Scooter, plan to make it do a lot more than that: Raising money for fallen soldiers and breaking three world records for starters.

Donating money and raising awareness for our country’s veterans, Sandoval and his Chihuahua, Scooter, plan to ride to every Harley Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states to raise money for fallen soldiers. Bringing with them only what fits on the bike and the will to succeed, the pair begins their odyssey November 10th – the birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps – from Fort Myers Harley Davidson. From there, they will begin a trek that will take them to over 690 Harley Davidson dealerships visiting each of the lower 48 states, logging an estimated 65,000 miles. Along the way, other riders are free to join the ride for the day or as long as they would like. The successful ride will set a new world record for most miles in one country, the largest group ride and the longest charity ride in history.

Sandoval planned the ride he’s calling ScootinAmerica to give back. Having personal regrets about not serving in the military and having enjoyed personal success as an entrepreneur, Sandoval has a special passion for the families of fallen soldiers. The next year of his life will be spent on the road raising money and awareness for our country’s veterans.

Sandoval and Scooter moved to FL 3 years ago from Green Bay, WI to enjoy riding their motorcycle year round. This ride definitely fits that bill. You will be able to track ScootinAmerica and their adventures live on Facebook via videos and pictures being posted daily. Followers can see their page to get up to date routes, and charitable donation information and locations.

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